Must Read – Open Educational Practices and Resources

 - by Cathy Casserly

The Open eLearning Content Observatory Services (OLCOS) has just released its final version of its report on Open Educational Practices and Resouces - Roadmap 2012. The report was funded by the European Commission under the eLearning Programme and involved six project partners. The OLCOS engages in activities that foster the creation, sharing and re-use of OER in Europe and across the globe.

 The report includes a thorough examination of OER challenges in the years ahead to encourage further uptake. A clear distinction is made regarding the the production of OER vis-a-vis the their application in educational practices. The report argues for a intentional focus on innovative OER practices in the teaching and learning process if we are to transform teaching and learning. While the transformative nature of OER is what the movement is all about – we now need to move proactively to this stage. This report is a must read for anyone in the OER community.